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Guarantees & Exclusions

Life Time Guarantee:

Lintec Surgical Instruments are manufactured to the highest production standards using the best surgical grade materials available anywhere. We unconditionally guarantee that all Lintec Ophthalmic surgical instruments, ENT surgical instruments, Arthroscopic surgical instruments and other products are free of any manufacturing defects for the life of the instrument. Extremely rare but should any of our instrument have a manufacturing defect please ship it back at our cost so we may evaluate it. Lintec pledges to repair it to the exacting standards or simply replace it with a new one at Lintec Surgical's discretion and at no charge to the customer.

Full Refund:

Lintec Surgical Instruments are manufactured to the highest standards and we offer a 100% Surgeon Satisfaction Guarantee on all Lintec MAXX, Lintec USA, Lintec Super brand of Ophthalmic surgical instruments, all Lintec MAXX, Lintec USA, Lintec Super brand of ENT surgical instruments and all Lintec MAXX, Lintec USA, Lintec Super brand of Arthroscopic surgical instruments. These brand of instruments come with a 30 day risk free evaluation period, incase you are not satisfied with your purchase, you can return your item for a full refund, less any shipping charges. We do not charge any re-stocking fees.
Free Delivery:
Shipping costs are rising fast and are now at an all time high. Lintec offers to all its customers a full year of free shipping. To add to the customer's benefit we are offering free shipping to all new and existing clients / accounts for a full one year period. Lintec offeres Free Shipping on all orders to the 48 contiguous states in the USA. Enjoy one full year of free delivery on every order you place on your account.
Free Service for 5 Years:
Care provider budgets are important and it can be real a challenge to keep them under control. In a surgical facility the recurring costs from service and repairs can be expensive and at times may add up to several times the original investment in the instruments. We understand that and support the care provider by working towards the common goal of reducing the ownership costs.
Lintec offers industry leading repair service free of charge to our customers, on Lintec Brand of instruments for a period of 5 years from the purchase date. Now you can sit back and let us protect your investment and keep it in good working shape. Free Repairs & Service protects your investment for 5 years.
Upto 20% Off on Replacements:
Our master craftsmen are experts in instrument repairs and have decades of experience in surgical instrumentation field. We would evaluate and recommend the best way to restore the instruments that come in for repairs.
What ever the reason for repairs may be there are times when repairs would leave the instrument too weak to perform effectively or compromise it's basic structural integrity. In such cases we recommend replacing them.
If you decide to replace your instruments with Lintec brand we would offer you upto a 20% discount off of our list price on all Lintec MAXX, Lintec USA, Lintec Super brand of Ophthalmic surgical instruments, all Lintec MAXX, Lintec USA, Lintec Super brand of ENT surgical instruments and all Lintec MAXX, Lintec USA, Lintec Super brand of Arthroscopic surgical instruments. 
"Instruments" Excluded:

Instruments, accidently or intentionally damaged, mis-handled, mis-used, improperly sterilized or stored are not covered under Lifetime Guarantee or the Free Service for 5 Years policy. 
Excluded instruments such as:
Disposables, custom designed, marked or custom packaged products.
Algerbrush handpiece or tips.
Bipolar cords, cannulas, cautery tips and accessories.
Diamond knives, eye shields, iris retractors.
Irrigation/aspiration handpieces, IOL injectors.
Coated instruments, MICS instruments, wire lid speculae. 
Phaco handpieces, sterilization trays, tonometers and vitreoretinal instruments.
Lintec ENT, Plastic and Arthroscopy line of instruments all carry a Life time Guarantee against any manufacturing defects or material defects. ENT, Arthroscopy, Plastic surgery instruments are not covered under "Free 5 Years Service Program".
"Repairs" Excluded:

Lintec will gladly perform free repair services such as re-alignment, re-sharpening of the blades and teeth or straightening slightly bent instruments. Tightening the screws on screw joint instruments, re-balancing springs or restoring grips on your Lintec brand instruments is all covered and done "Free".
Excluded items:
Any item that is damaged, mishandled, improperly sterilized or stored, have parts missing or require new parts. Instruments such as forceps that need new teeth, rebuilding platforms, need new ring/spring handles or slide locks. Any instrument requiring welding or re-insulation, any bipolar-type forceps requiring re-insulation or replacement of connector. 
These repairs will be quoted at our low standard repair charges and will not be covered under our Free Service for 5 Years offer.