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About us

Lintec is a surgical instruments company dedicated to delivering the highest quality, Ophthalmic surgical instruments, ENT surgical instruments, Arthroscopy surgical instruments to surgical facilities across the world.
Headquartered in Mckinney Texas the company carries a wide range of instruments for multiple surgical specialties and sub specialties including Ophthalmic surgical instruments, ENT surgical instruments & Arthroscopy instruments.
Lintec is a preffered brand for some of the best surgeons in the USA and abroad. Lintec wishes to build on its experience and deliver new instrumentation to meet the ever changing needs of our customers be it Ophthalmic surgical instruments, ENT surgical instruments or Arthroscopic instruments.
We are actively serving the industry with the best technologies & new instrument development capabilities. Linctec brand covers ophthalmic surgical instruments, ENT surgical instruments and Arthroscopy instruments. Our ability to custom manufacture instruments from concept to market makes us a more valuable partner for your needs.
Lintec Surgical Instrument llc is proud of its heritage and will continue to offer high quality Ophthalmic surgical instruments, ENT surgical instruments, Arthroscopy surgical instruments to our customers and remains a dedicated partner.
Our experience in manufacturing, SCM, logistics and customized solutions enables us to keep you supplied at all times. You can depend on Lintec to deliver Ophthalmic surgical instruments, ENT & Arthroscopy instruments whether you are a demanding surgeon, a hospital or an ASC with multiple operation room environments.
Lintec Surgical Instruments are manufactured under the most stringent controls and by expert Master Craftsmen in USA, UK and Germany. We offer some of the most extensive warranties in the industry for all our Ophthalmic surgical instruments, ENT surgical instruments and Arthroscopic surgical instruments. 
Our after sales service is legendary. We back all sales with a team of best trained and dedicated sales support executives.
Today, we encourage you to explore new avenues in the medical instrumentation field along with us and let us help you become a valued Lintec client.