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Repair Service


If you use Ophthalmic surgical Instruments, ENT surgical instruments or Athroscopic instruments you know the surgical instruments pass through serveral hands on a routine basis. Used by multiple surgeons, sterilized and stored by different OR teams makes keeping your instruments in top performing condition at all times a challenging task. Fortunately for times when you do need expert repairs done you can depend on Lintec.
Try our "Signature Support" for Top Surgical Performance for all your Ophthalmic surgical instruments, ENT surgical instruments and Arthroscopic surgical instruments.
No one is better suited to recondition your instruments than Lintec. The Express Instrument Service Program is designed to return your instruments to "like new" condition, at the earliest.
We are serious about ensuring that your investment in instruments will last longer. Our Signature Repair Service provides quality service at a fraction of the cost of replacement. 
Our skilled instrument craftsman and reapir master provide the following services for your Ophthalmic surgical instruments, ENT surgical instruments & Arthroscopic surgical instruments:
    • Sharpen blades, replace screws and adjust spring tension of scissors.
    • Straighten, adjust and reform teeth of forceps and scissor tips.
    • Clean and Passivate instruments to resurface and protect against corrosion.
    • Laser-etch codes and markings for easy identification.
    • Replacement parts: original manufacturer parts with many money-saving benefits.
    • Priority turnaround time: your repaired items are shipped out in just 7 business days.
    • Discounted repairs: Volume repair discounts of upto 20% off published list price on all groups of 12 or more instruments for repair.
We are committed to keeping your Ophthalmic surgical instruments, ENT surgical instruments & Arthroscopic surgical instruments in top working shape. In the event we see that further repairs to your instrument may render it unsafe when used in surgery. We would immediately notify you about our findings. Upon your request we can either return your instruments or can offer a one time discount of upto 20% off the published list price for your new relacement instruments.
The Express Repair service does not include the following vendor repaired products:
Diamond Knives
I/A Tips and Handles
Contact our instrument repair department to schedule your next repair.
Fax # : 469-424-0122
Phone # : 469-424-0124